If you wish to have a meaningful recreation than in Lillafüred you can find exciting and spectacular attractions where history, nature, adventure, game, romance, natural science and literature blend and all of these are  just in 30 minutes walking distance from each other.

You can enjoy the fresh air of Lillafüred up in the air, deep in the caves, among trees on the mountain side, on the lakeshore, or even from 12 meter height when you are sliding down on cableway of the adventure park.

Lillafüred Sport and Adventure Park

Entertaining in the limelight!

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel of Lillafüred was built between 1925 and 1929 next to Lake Hámori and it was designed by Kálmán Lux, in neo-Renaissance style.

Chairlift of Lillafüred

The chairlift carries the passengers on a one km long path from Lillafüred up to Jávorhegy, which is part of Bükk National Park and rises above Miskolc’s resort area.

Ottó Hermann Memorial House

Ottó Hermann’s former holiday home, the Peleház was built between 1898–1903, in the newly constructed holiday resort are of the time.

Forestry Railway

One of the nicest narrow gauge railway in Hungary, with real mountain path: tracing on steep slopes, special valley bridges and through tunnels.

Lake Hámori

Lake Hámori is an artificially dammed part of Garadna stream and it is a significant element if Lillafüred visual identity.

Hanging garden and waterfall

The thematic hanging garden path connects with Szinva nature trail and enriches it by nine stations.

Saint Stephen Cave

The total lenght of its routes is 1043 m, its vertically the cave is 94 m. 170 m long route of it can be visited. The total distance of the visit is 340 m.